My Story


As a young man, I was perhaps reckless in as much, by the time I was to return from Rome, Italy; I had already rack up twenty-one motorcycle accidents. Most were trivial, but seven of them were hospitalized.


I quit driving motorcycles, but still had three major car accidents, two of which landing me again in the hospital. I still a good marriage, great kids, and wonderful jobs.


The first job, fresh out of the Navy, I got laid off, but the next week, a government check from the Navy arrived for a suggestion that the Navy adopted. The next day, I was offered another job. My career was like that up until I was to retire to the North Carolina, where the other part of my family was. The good fortune did not just fall on me, but it fell on everyone in my family


On a sunny day, I suddenly couldn’t inhale. When I woke up, I didn’t know where I was, most likely the excessive drugs being pump into my arms. I did remember dying and saying to Vicki, “I love you.” In a haze, for I don’t know how long, a saw a woman, perhaps an Angel.

“Where am I?”

 She responded: “You are in intensive care.”

“I thought I died.”

“Perhaps, Jesus has something else, he wants you to do.”



I never saw her again. I thought about my purpose for four days. I really did not have a clue. I had a long-long time to think about this. I was so very grateful to Christ for saving me. I thought about my life and how He protected my family and me.  The hospital was along way away, even by ambulance, and how did an ambulance get there so soon! There was overwhelming evidence that my family is blessed. I recovered. I had to learn how to walk.


I had a stroke and I had to learn how to walk again and use my right side. On the course of recovery, again I was in the hospital, this time for pneumonia. I had to learn how to walk again.


Since all this, I was in the hospital twice with sepses.


Meanwhile, I am enjoying cooking, my son and daughter, both my East Coast and West Coast families, but especially my grandchildren.


When life gets you down, you endure so you can get back up. Jesus became my savior when I got really sick, but throughout my life He has been with me and my family. And, if you’re reading this, you too are blessed.